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If you’ve clicked into this section, it’s probably because you’re at least a little bit interested in our story or have a strong urge to procrastinate. So we’re going to tell you about it, but we’ll try to keep it short and interesting.

We could choose to give you a long speech, full of twists, emotions and suspense, but at the risk of disappointing you, it won’t be.

Our history

To make a long story short, BLZ is two brothers who thought one day “let’s try to make beer at home” and that’s exactly what they did. We’re not going to lie to you, at the beginning, it wasn’t automatically super successful.

The first attempts were not very impressive, but practice makes perfect. As the brews progressed, the brothers began to grow into the bottle and the beer started to look like something.

Gradually, word got out that the Balz brothers were making some pretty nifty beer and as requests came in, production began to take on a growing role in the family home. In the fall of 2016, it was time to take the plunge and create BLZ-Company!

What happened next was relatively simple. Quality products that quickly received awards, a growing super motivated team, a never ending list of projects and ideas and projects that come to fruition with varying degrees of ease. New beers, incredible collaborations, gin to hops, whiskey to local malt, beautiful vents and so much more.
We could talk about it for hours, but first of all, it would take way too long to read, and if you’re left wanting more, give us a call or come say hello at the brewery. We’d love to have a cold one with you!

Why "BLZ?

You’re probably wondering why BLZ: What is the deeper meaning behind the name of this brewery? Try removing the single vowel from their name and you’ll get the answer, the “A” being deemed superfluous. It’s as simple as that.

Our values

Our values are one of the points on which we do not compromise. Even if we are passionate about what we do, we are totally aware that it has an impact. Talking about ecology nowadays may sound a bit clichéd, but it is fundamental for us. We try as much as possible to source raw materials produced as close as possible! Of course, to ensure that our products are as good as they are responsible, we are obliged to import certain materials for the moment. For example, sourcing Swiss organic malt is very complicated. Malting, which consists of transforming cereals, mainly barley, into malt, is an industry that has slowly disappeared with the industrialization of the brewing world in Switzerland. Our vision of reducing our footprint pushed us to find the solution to this problem. We co-founded the “Malticluture” malthouse, the first BIO malthouse in Switzerland, where we malt cereals that grow a few hundred meters from the brewery in Orvin.

Our beers

Beer is above all, a taste, a feeling. Some people like a certain type of beer, others a completely different taste, while some don’t like beer at all. At BLZ, we have always wanted to please and surprise with tastes that are out of the ordinary. For example a beer with cannabis, plum or sauerkraut. You will always find a beer that suits you!

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